Recap: Introduction to Digital Imaging

I completed the class Introduction to Digital Imaging with a final grade of 79 and a new understanding of composition, Pictorialism, PhotoMontage, Surrealism and photomanipulation within Photoshop. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to motivate myself to work harder and really create some extraordinary pieces. I guess it will serve me well to try and step into my next class with more passion and commitment.

Below are the compositions that I created.

Art in the Frame by Kassandra O'Shea
Art in the Frame by Kassandra O’Shea
Private Retreat by Kassandra O'Shea
Private Retreat by Kassandra O’Shea
Organic Beauty by Kassandra O'Shea (2018)
Organic Beauty by Kassandra O’Shea (2018)
Innocent Targets by Kassandra O'Shea (2018)
Innocent Targets by Kassandra O’Shea (2018)
Play Has Fallen by Kassandra O'Shea
Play Has Fallen by Kassandra O’Shea
Waning Innocence by Kassandra O'Shea
Waning Innocence by Kassandra O’Shea