Digital Design (Week 8)

This is an on going post for Digital Design, week 8. I will post my progress throughout the week with the required activities.


  1. Formalising Splash Screen concepts
  2. Developing original source imagery
  3. Uploading work in progress
  4. Providing feedback to peers
  5. Photoshop tutorials (ongoing)
  6. Continued work on Project 1

Project 2: Splash Screen 1

Last week I developed a number of ideas and created a design proposal centred around my theme and sub themes. I will begin by working on the first splash screen which has the theme Miniature and the sub theme, Identity.

Miniature: Identity
The sub theme Miniature: Identity draws on the exploration of personal identity and ego, through the manipulation of multiple images into a combined design. We see the representation of a person trapped inside several glass jars that each display a different level of personality. Anger, acceptance and defiance. The jars are worn around the neck of a subject that is wearing the same clothes of the subjects inside the jars, thus sharing the parallel of identity across all of the design.

Miniature: Identity

Photoshop Practice

Project 1: Plane 2 (Ostrich)