Interactive Design For Web (Week 7)

Week 7 of Interaction Design for Web is complete. In week seven we focussed on prototype evaluation through usability testing of our prototype website and completing activities to problem solve coding problems.

Prototype Evaluation: User Testing

To begin the process of user testing I first looked at how to approach user testing in a way that could provide valuable results. I read the article A Guide To Heuristic Website Reviews and examined Using the 5Es to understand users as well as the User Experience Honeycomb. These provided a great insight into the information that should be collected to gain a significant insight into how users interact with the site and ways that problems can be resolved (from results).

Key Requirements

Prototype Testing: Tasks

Prototype Testing: Survey Questions

Prototype Testing: Creating Survey

I ran out of time this week to compile the survey results, but I will do this heading into next week. 😁


The weekly activities provide several code examples that are ‘broken’ and require some editing to fix. I have forked each original example via Codepen. I have hidden old elements before they were changed.

Grid System Problem 1
Grid System Problem 2
Grid System Problem 3

Navigation Problem 1
Navigation Problem 2
Navigation Problem 3

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