Interactive Design For Web (Week 8)

Week 8 Activity

Week 8 of Interaction Design for Web is complete. In week 8 I analysed the survey results and found key areas of improvements. I also completed the weekly activity which looked at including fonts and icons on a website.

Prototype Evaluation: User Testing

Last week (week 7) I created a survey which was accompanied by the prototype website and provided to two target groups (students and mothers) for user testing. The survey concentrated on the completion of set tasks which allowed an understanding of how the users interacted with the site, and what improvements could make the website better.

Prototype Testing: Survey Results

Prototype Testing: User Testing Analysis

Prototype Testing: Key Findings


The activities for week 8, look at incorporating fonts and icons into a web page. Including the consideration of font pairing and using icons that can be recognised by the visitor.

Because my current prototype for Paper Dear already uses Google Fonts and Font Awesome, I decided to make a test page with quotations.

On the page, I included several design quotes with a focus on typography. I used CSS to break each section by colour and ensure that each had distinct contrast. I looked at different font pairings and decided to use Quando for headings and Judson for the body because of the difference between the curves in Quando and the readability of Judson. I then added Font Awesome icons to the page, for a subtle reference to the author of each quote. Finally, I decided to create a unique effect between each section and used a transforming effect after each section.

Activity Example

View the week 8 activity website.

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