Packaging Design Complete

Week 11 and 12 of packaging design are complete, which marks the end of this unit. The final submission was the creation of a Design Rationale document, which showed our development of the packaging design we created (as part of Project 2). It was a challenge to try and condense all of the research and work I had undertaken in the previous weeks, into just 20 pages. I will be interested to see my final grade and will post a full recap of the unit once I have it.

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Packaging Design (Week 10)

nd dimeWeek 10 of packaging design is complete. Week 10 was another busy one where we jumped into designing the front, back and other surfaces of the packaging. We also created models, both digital and printed.

When you spend a long time creating a digital packaging design, to see it printed and resolved in a physical form is really rewarding. You can also learn a lot by creating the model, seeing the strengths and weaknesses of the design in a practical application.

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Design Studio: Concepts and Narratives, Week 8 Complete

Week 8 of Design Studio: Concepts and Narratives is complete. In week 8 we continued our development of design conceptualisation, through anti-design.

This week I focussed on developing my favourite concept, which was a Tissue Box Necklace. The main idea being that it could be worn around the neck, made of paper (construction paper) and have tissues that were too small to be practical. Creating something that is anti-design, means that it might at first appear to be useful, but it’s function is severely limited. I began the process by creating many model plans for how the box would be folded and cut. I didn’t want something that was too small, and decided to reduce the size 200% from a standard tissue box. This was it was still large enough to be ‘annoying’ as a necklace accessory. After this I experimented with hand drawn patterns, to make the tissue box more eye catching and interesting. Then I investigated a name for the tissue box and after numerous searches and business name/trademark checks decided on Tishlace, Tissue Box Necklace.

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