Packaging Design (Week 7)

Week 7 of packaging design is complete (even if it is a bit late). In week seven we began work on Project 2 starting with market research. This week (or last week) took me a lot of time because I tried to conduct as much research as I could.

While week seven was challenging with the amount of investigation involved, having a sound knowledge of the current market assists in being able to create packaging that directly connects to the right market, and in turn consumer.

Our brief was to look at packaging that had bad accessibility (and legibility), or packaging unable to be opened without a tool. Given the category of garden, office or hardware I decided to go with the hardware group and selected screws in small packages of 100 pieces or less. This packaging is usually in clamshells which are hard to open, but made impracticable with a staple.

General Product Category: Fasteners

Specific Product Category: Screws

Target Market



Packaging Design (Week 6)

Week 6 of packaging design is complete. In week six I spent the time in refining my work of the current market and alternative market redesign of the Monarch Fence brushes. This included creating the redesigns and all the documentation with it. So I could provide reasoning behind all of my choices. I am a little bit behind with posting a recap for this week and have been feeling a bit ill, so I will keep it brief and include the finished example.

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Packaging Design (Week 5)

Week 5 of packaging design is complete. In week five we continued our work on redesigning our selected packaging and investigated communication and visual language. It was very interesting to look at specific techniques that are used to communicate a number of messages to the consumer. The selection of colour, typographic arrangement and the form of imagery all play a large part in our interpretation of the packaging around us. This information really helped me to evaluate the designs I had created thus far and made me look at the work so far.

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Packaging Design (Week 2)

Week 2 of packaging design is complete. In week two we studied the history of packaging. We also completed three tasks were we examined our chosen product/package in the current market. We analysed the packaging across market value, communication, usability and sustainability. These tasks helped to gain a greater understanding of the package we would redesign and to see the current position it is in, compared to competitors.

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