Design Studio: Typography (Final Grade & Recap)

I received my final grade for Design Studio: Typography with an overall grade of 80/100. I am slightly disappointed that I did not score a higher mark. On reflection and from comments within the marked assessments, I can see that I should have improved in the areas of articulation, by using better terminology that reflected specifically on the areas I had been studying. I should also have made sure to focus on individual letterforms, to make sure that I used adequate kerning, leading and tracking (specifically where large areas of body copy were used).

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Design Studio: Typography (Project 4 – 20th century type)


This project requires you to design an information panel featuring aspects of type and typography from a particular decade of the 20th century. The panel is to be designed for display at a temporary exhibition at the State Library of Victoria. It is a free public exhibition on typography, type design and related technology of the 20th century, presenting the material chronologically by decade as a combination of full colour large format information panels and objects/artefacts.

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